100 Days


Ellie 100 Days

Monday, January 30 marked 100 days with Ellie and this weekend we celebrated!  Before Ellie was born, Tae talked about how growing up in Korea, they celebrated babies with a 100th-day party to mark the milestone.  I’m all for any reason to celebrate our baby girl, so we had family over, amazing Korean food, the most beautiful cake, and Ellie even wore a hanbok.  It was such a fun day!

Ellie 100 Days

Here is Tae on his 100th-Day Party.  This picture kills me.  Ellie and Tae have the exact same hairdo at 100 days.  The only thing she is missing is the gold rings.  If you look realllllly close at this picture, you can see that Tae has a gold ring on every finger.  I tried to find one for Ellie, but they were hundreds of dollars and I’m just not that crazy.

Ellie with her cake.  (Not pictured – Tae under the table making sure that she is safe!)


This cake was so beautiful.  A friend of Tae’s Aunt made it by hand and it took her all day!  The flowers are made from sweet potato and the cake is a traditional rice cake.  I still can’t get over how amazing it looked.


When we were taking pictures, I am pretty sure every family member was hollering, clapping and most had a camera out.  I’m so glad that Tae pulled out his phone to document what it looked like from Ellie’s angle.

We love you so much, Ellie!





Ellie 100 Days

Ellie 100 Days


So much thanks to our friend Donna for coming over to take pictures of our sweet girl before her big day.

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  1. Melissa Baltz Reply

    Looks like a great, fun celebration and wonderful photos especially of Ellie and cute baby Tae.

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