Park City

A few weeks ago, we went to Park City for a quick weekend snowboarding trip with friends.  It was my first time visiting and we stayed in an awesome house near the Town Lift.  I forgot to get pictures of the city area, but since we spent most of our short time on the mountain – it makes way more sense that I have those pictures!

I am not awesome at snowboarding…not at all, but I did manage to do two full days with only one wipeout, so I’m calling it a win.

We spent one day at Park City Mountain Resort and the second day at the Canyons.  Both were great.  Park City was a little friendlier to people like me who like to stick to the greens.  Unless you are trying to come home via the routes that bring you back to Town Lift.  You might accidentally end up on moguls and then have to walk over to run you meant to be on, but then find that it feels like you are going down a cliff because it is so steep.  You might inch your way down and it take triple the amount of time you thought it would.  (On a side note, some of our friends stayed a third day and realized that they could take the lift back DOWN the mountain and thus avoid all of the above for a second time.) So, you know – really plan things out if you are new and interested in getting home in one piece.

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  1. Susan Cress Reply

    I now think you just might be living a grown up life! This looks so fun!

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