Phi Phi, Thailand

Phi Phi was our second (and last) stop in Thailand.  We spent three nights at the Holiday Inn Phi Phi and it was three nights of amazing relaxation.  Seriously, this place was the best way to end our honeymoon.  (Ps. You pronounce Phi Phi with a P not an F sound.)

To get from Phuket to Phi Phi, we took the Phi Phi Cruiser.  We splurged for the VIP section and let me tell you.  It was so worth it.  We got to keep our luggage with us and we got to sit in an air conditioned room for the ride.  If you take one of these, it takes about 4 hours and after a long day the day before, it was nice to stay out of the sun.


We stopped in the main part of Phi Phi for lunch and a bit of snorkeling.  Because our hotel was on the other side of the island, the only way to get there was by another boat and then a long-tailed boat.  I’m really glad that we got to see the main part of Phi Phi, but even more glad that we were staying on a quieter side.





Our room was in awesome location.  We had the best view of the pool and ocean.

The beaches at this hotel were incredible.


For meals, you could either dine at the hotel or there was a bit of beach area between our hotel and another resort that had local restaurants.

For the most part, we spent our time in Phi Phi at the pool and looking sort of like this…




On the last night, we discovered the sunset bar.  You had to hike a bit behind the hotel and up stairs that overlooked a different side of the island to see the sunset.  It was such a fun way to change up an evening.




To get back to the airport at the end of our stay, we decided to take a speed boat (more expensive, but gets you back to the mainland in about 45 minutes).   If I was going to Phi Phi ever again, I would probably just go straight to the speed boat option.

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