Phuket, Thailand


We split our time in Thailand between Phuket and Phi Phi.  They were two totally different experiences.  Phuket was a more about the cultural experience whereas Phi Phi was a few days pure relaxation.

In Phuket, we spent three nights at the Rawai Palm Beach Resort.  It was clean, had a great pool, near an area with good restaurants, tons of Thai massage places, and close to the beach (although, the beach wasn’t necessarily a place you want to hang out).

I thought that I took a picture of the pool area, but all I can find is this one of Tae sleeping at the pool.



We made sure to take full advantage of the cheap massages while we were there.  Seriously, a Thai massage was about $8!

On our first full day in Phuket, our hotel recommended hiring a private taxi to take us on a tour of the area.  It was the BEST idea!  For about $40, we had our own taxi for four hours.  It was great because we went to a few really crowded places where it would have been hard to find a taxi to the next place.  The driver was able to sit and wait for us at each stop, gave us ideas for where to stop, and gave us tips at the different locations.

Big Buddha


Big Buddha was beautiful – even under construction.  It was amazing to walk through the center and see people during their services.  The views in front of Big Buddha are also amazing (it was a little foggy, but you get the idea).


Tiger Kingdom

Ok, I have mixed feelings about this one.  I wasn’t so sure about getting into an area with the tiger (and I am not so sure about why the tigers don’t seem to care that people are in there with them).  But, I’m not going to hold Tae back!  I stayed behind in the lounge area and Tae went in to pet the tigers.  I still want to cover my eyes a little bit when I see these…



The Phuket Country Club


Naturally, Tae needed to stop at a golf course and get a golf ball.

We finished our day at the Phuket night market.  Tae was (unsuprisingly) interested in tasting as much of the food as possible.





We also checked out the Phuket Pearl and you can skip it, unless you are in the market for some pearls.

Our second full day, I really wanted to go to James Bond Island.  The actual island was somewhat underwhelming, but the tour we took was so much fun.  We did a tour with Asia Canoe Thailand.  The staff were great, the tour was great, and the food was good.  I’d highly recommend it as part of a trip to Phuket!

On the tour, you get to see:

Phang Na Bay


James Bond Island



Canoeing (I think the area that we canoed was called “Tham Talu”)



Fisherman’s Village (Koh Panyee)






Visiting the fisherman’s village was a highlight of the trip.  The village was built into the side of a cliff and extends out over the water.  When touring, there is a path to walk through the village and all of the homes along that path are filled with tourist items.  The path leads you to the school and basketball area.  It was so interesting to be able to walk around and see the village.  We learned that because the village is so far from the mainland, in high school students who attend have to go to a boarding school during the week and that women who are pregnant have to move to the mainland towards the end of their pregnancy.

Naka Island

This was a great beach for swimming and relaxing at the end of a long day.  We spent about an hour and a half there, which was perfect.  Apparently, I was so relaxed that I don’t have any pictures.  We have plenty of go pro videos, that I will have to share soon.

We had so much fun during our time in Phuket.  After two full days of tours, we couldn’t wait for our next stop in Phi Phi to just relax, but I will save that for another day.  During the cold end of February it is nice to reminisce about a warm vacation.


3 thoughts on “Phuket, Thailand

  1. Runwright Reply

    Petting tigers makes a great picture but I don’t think I’d be posing for that pic myself. Logically, I can’t imagine why the tiger won’t attack.
    But looks like a fun trip all around. I hope to go to Thailand myself someday. How does the food compare to Thai food that we get here?

    1. Building a Grown-Up Life Reply

      The food was pretty great. Although, my husband is so much more of a foodie than I am, so he is the one who tried all sorts of things. He actually says that the Thai food here is pretty similar.

  2. Becky Reply

    What a beautiful place! I think I would have been a bit scared of the tigers too.

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